Chatbanners, bringing back the human factor in display!

Talk to potential clients via display advertisements across the web and increase your customer contact reach enormously.

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Chatbanners are made in several sizes and formats. So there is always a size available to promote your product or service.

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Integrate a chatbot with a chatbanner campaign

With an integrated chatbot in banner ads, the opportunities for reaching potential customers increase tremendously. The chatbot will take the first step in making contact with customers by greeting them in the ad. A live conversation via the display ad saves time, costs and effort, due to the added efficiency in conversion tactics.

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Chatbanners for agencies

Are you looking for an interactive way to make your display campaigns more effective? Chatbanners are available for reselling, so start today!

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Extra Features

Interact with more potential clients

With Chatbanners the advantages of chat exceed the borders of the website to a worldwide audience.

Increase effectiveness of banners

Traditional banners keep losing effectiveness. A chat window offers extra value to view and use the advertisement.

Communicate through an approachable channel

The need for approachable communication constantly increases. Chat services are leading channels on this matter.

Make the first move towards contacting potential clients

Stop relying on customers to come to you and bring the chat to your potential clients.

Give potential clients an extraordinary service experience

Providing prospects the opportunity to start a chat conversation inside the banner on the domain of the publisher is a groundbreaking innovation.

Create more sales and generate more leads now!

Start creating more sales and generate more leads beyond the reach of your website.

Pricing Plan


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  • vanaf 100.000 impressies
  • Premium websites
  • Campagnes van 30 dagen
  • Excl. chat volume €3 per chat
  • Minimum 125 chats per maand
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  • Gebaseerd op website volume
  • Premium Websites & Specifieke doelgroepen
  • campagnes van 30 of 60 dagen
  • Excl. chat volume €3 per chat
  • Minimum 125 chats per maand
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Retargeting via Textmining

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  • Based on website volume
  • Premium Websites & Specific target groups
  • Custom Campaign
  • Excl. chat volume - €3,- per chat
  • No minimum amount of chats
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