Chatbanners for agencies

This new form of displayadvertising is a way of interacting with potential customers. With a chatbanner campaign you'll boost your bannerinteraction (CTR) with an average of 44%!

Companies that enable your agency are looking for new ways to increase the effectiveness of their display. To really differentiate the display campaign of your customers from the competition, Chatbanners is a solution that offers this distinctive character. The solution lies in the fact that the display becomes an extension of its own website. Instead of an intermediary station that forwards potential customers to a landing page, the chat in the banner is the first option to convert and generate leads. In addition, your customers offer an extraordinary service experience by helping them with questions on another website. Chatbanners are available for reselling! An adjusted rate is applicable for agencies. Please contact us for more information.

We are also looking for new partners to take to the next level. The advantage of becoming a partner of Chatbanners is that you can offer your customers a revolutionary product. Online advertising is experiencing strong growth what makes it important for companies to stand out. Since online advertising is growing more and is being used by almost every company, Chatbanners is a solution that can be widely applied. Chat banners respond to the need of consumers to have contact with a company in a low-threshold way. In addition, Chatbanners provides extra value to display ads, increasing the effectiveness of the display.