Chatbanners with the use of a chatbot

Chatbanners is a revolutionary development that offers companies the opportunity to get in touch with potential customers even without them being on the website. They can do this by using the chat window in the banner. These chats can be manned by people, but this can also be done by digital means; the chatbot.

Companies that use a chatbot on their website to get in touch with their website visitors can extend this form of communication to advertisements that they place online. Furthermore, a combination of chatbot and live chat can be integrated in the Chatbanner. This means that if the chatbot is unable to answer the question, the question will be forwarded to a chat operator who can answer it. 

With an integrated chatbot in banner ads, the opportunities for reaching potential customers increase tremendously. The chatbot will take the first step in making contact with customers by greeting them in the ad. A live conversation through the display ad saves time, costs and effort due to the added efficiency in conversion tactics.

Conducting chatbot conversations with customers through ads also leads to increased effectiveness compared to traditional banners. The chat also allows potential customers to upload documents up to 10mb in size.