Start the conversation through the banner

A big advantage of using chatbanners is that as a company you have to make less effort to enter into the conversation and to eventually make conversions.

You no longer have to actively search for potential customers, but you can assume that these customers come to you. The banner has a chat window where a live conversation can be started. This development gives companies the opportunity to come in contact with people who have not been on your website before. The questions and comments coming through the chat window will be answered through our well trained chat operators. You can therefore focus on other important activities while the chatbanner is well taken care of by our chat operators. The goal is to eventually lead the potential customer to the landing page of your website, which hopefully converts to a new sale.

This new form of display marketing offers the possibility to communicate on a personal level with potential customers on the website that they are currently visiting. 

For the banners we have these formats:

Header - 970x250
Medium Rectangle - 300x250
Wide Skyscraper - 160x600
Large Rectangle - 336x280
Vertical Rectangle - 240x400
Square pop-up - 250x250
Half-page ad - 300x600
Pop-up under - 720x300

Chatbanners are also visible on mobile devices. The minimum for a mobile ad is 160x250 pixels. If you have any questions feel free to contact us through the chat down below the corner.